Lawrence Jun Zhang

University of Auckland Faculty of Eduaction & Social Work

Speaker 1

Teaching and Learning as Dynamic Metacognitive System: The Case of Chinese as a Foreign or Additional Language for Inter- and Intra-cultural Communication

The learning and teaching enterprise is a complex system, where the cosmos are comprised of a multitude of factors and variables that influence the learning outcomes. Such factors or variables include, but not exclusively, these such as the agent of learning (most often the learner), the catalysts of learning (peers, parents, the teacher), examinations), learning materials, learning contexts and the environment where learning takes place, among many other things. These interact with one another in the way that learning and the learners are mutually engaged for achieving the goal of effective learning. In this presentation, I will explain what this Dynamic Metacognitive System looks like and how such a system can be used as impetus not only for advancing our understanding of language learning and teaching but also for improving the teaching and learning of languages, with particular reference to Chinese as a foreign/additional language or a language for inter- and intra-cultural communication.