Nanyang Technological University

Speaker 1

Designing meaningful and interacting lessons by incorporating literary works and activities

It has been observed that Chinese Language is an increasingly difficult subject to overcome when students find it uninteresting or even impractical as conversing in English is conveniently used. By understanding this current social context in Singapore and their perception of the Chinese language, through understanding student’s learning and how language is acquired, we look into various possibilities of how learning can be enhanced for students. With little to no literature review and research on the evaluation of the curriculum due to the short years of publication, this study has examined how the use of the current textbook, “Happy Companion” can be curated with the use of literary works and relevant activities for lessons to become meaningful and interactive. A qualitative case study of the current curriculum material “Happy companion” is examined to review the types of literary works and literary pedagogy can be applied to create meaningful learning. In addition to customizing the literary works that correspond to the children’s maturity, this study dives into teaching methods that teachers can adopt into language class to complement the resource with concrete classroom activities.